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olympic dreams by nadia bseiso


Ihab Al Matbouli, Jordan’s first light heavyweight olympic boxer, was Jordan’s hope for a medal in the London Olympics in 2012. Although he didn’t win, he became an inspiration for many Jordanians, as well as for Palestinian refugees in Al Baqa’a camp where he comes from. When he came back, he hoped to train vigorously for Rio 2016. Lack of real support and his struggle to maintain his family affected his training.

In early 2014, Ihab’s younger brother lost a boxing match during a youth championship in Jordan. Ihab got disqualified for life, after protesting the judge’s verdict. This over-reaction cost him his dream, forcing him to consider going pro outside Jordan, and taking his family with him in an emotional rollercoaster.




Nadia Bseiso is an emerging documentary photography based in Amman, Jordan. With a passion for visual story telling and human rights, she focuses on long term projects that are socially concerned. In 2011, she completed a degree in photography from Florence, Italy. For the past two years, she’s been working on a long term project documenting the social situation of migrant workers in different sectors in Jordan.

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