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Timur Epov


Timur Epov is a self-taught documentary photographer living in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He first began to take pictures of friends and acquaintances in 2008, since then developing into a professional photographer. In his photographs Timur emphasizes momentum and emotions. His clients include Louis Vuitton, The Ritz Carlton Almaty,  ROSO KZ and L’officie KZ. In 2017 he was selected to participate in the NOOR Soros Foundation Kazakhstan Documentary Photography Training.


One Chance


This project, which is still in progress, is about a governmental organization, The Republican Rescue Team (ROSO), which deals with saving and helping people in all emergency situations, from minor muddles to major disasters. The essence of their work is complete readiness – physical, mental and moral – to be a genuine help to people. I could not imagine how much time they invest into the training and preparations. Their work is a vocation – they dedicate themselves during their 24-hour watch on the base, but also during their 3 days off when they return to their relatives and everyday life. They always have their walkie-talkies close at hand, and they and their families are accustomed that everything should be ready for an urgent response to the emergency call. It had always seemed to me that their key task was to save the person in trouble, but after getting to know these men better and spending time at the training ground, I realized that in order to take a step to save someone else, one must also be able to get out of danger and stay alive himself. Their work is a constant risk – it’s responsibility! After all, there is only one chance to save a man, and it cannot be missed.

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