hidden features

under the skin of a city by yasaman dehmiyani


Early findings about homosexuality in Iran date back to the Achamenian dynasty. Since then, homosexuality has been considered bad and indecent. As a result, most of the gays of Iran struggle with social pressures, finding escape by moving to other countries.

Reza (name has been changed to protect his identity) is gay and lives in Tehran. He likes to live in his own way and do what he wants, but he can’t. He wants to move to another country, but where? He doesn’t know.


Yasaman Dehmiyani was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. She is in the 5th term of photography in Azad University. She has been interested in photography since she was in 3rd grade of high school. At that time every subject was interesting and attractive for her. She started to take photos with a small digital camera, and that was her first step to starting a new stage of her life. Now she wishes to be a documentary photographer and street photographer with an iPhone (iPhonography). After 3 years of studying photography in university, she feels she has a long way to get there. She hopes to continue learning in order to reach to her goals.