noor teams up with vision international image festival


For the first year this year the International Image Festival was held on Bali and NOOR teamed up with the organizers.


The festival intends to capture ‘ocean life’ in the Pacific Region and its ongoing issues in Indonesia and the world. As an Image Festival, photography was the starting point, but the organizers also opened up the possibility of exploration into other visual medias. Activities of the festival included photo exhibitions, film screenings, slideshows, and other responsive media including architecture, art installation, and music performances.


The main purpose of this festival is to increase awareness and educate the public on the diverse world of oceanic life. As a maritime country it is important for Indonesia to bring these issues to attention.

The first event was be held in Bali, between May and October 2013. In its first year, the festival theme was “Angasraya: The Ocean Streams of Freedom”.


For this first edition NOOR’s Francesco Zizola conducted a workshop called ‘Tales from the Oceans’ in August with ten Indonesian photographers, whose work was featured as part of the festival in October.


NOOR’s Kadir van Lohuizen‘s work on the Tierra del Fuego was featured in an exhibition called ‘Ocean Streams of Freedom’ curated by Barbara Stauss, featuring various visual stories around the Pacific Ocean. The stories were speared in a room which represented the Pacific Ocean, its floor the seabed, the four walls the cardinal points: North, South, West and East.

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