participants noor nikon masterclass in bayeux announced

Red October

We are proud to announce the list of participants to the NOOR masterclass in conflict photography organized in collaboration with Nikon France. The masterclass is to be held in Bayeux between the 10 and the 12 of October 2013.

The workshop will coincide with the Rencontres Prix Bayeux-Calvados’ for war correspondents that takes place from 7 to 13 October.

We would like to herewith sincerely thank all the people who put effort in their application to the workshop and congratulate the ten photographers who will be taking part to the masterclass.


-    Ruth McDowall, New Zealand
-    Eman Helal, Egypt
-    Ans Brys, Belgium
-    Laurentiu Diaconu, Romania
-    Maciej Moskwa, Poland
-    Mattia Cacciatori, Italy
-    Morgan Fache, France
-    Irina Popova, Russia
-    Gwenn Dubourthoumieu, France
-    Francesca Tosarelli, Italy

The ten participants will be joined by Alixandra Fazzina, Stanley Greene and NOOR managing director Evelien Kunst for this intensive 3 days’ workshop in Bayeux. During the 3 days they will share experiences, work on their portfolios, talk about ethics and learn how to pick up and develop stories in conflict situations. Reporters Without Borders will also host a session on ‘Digital data security’.

We are looking forward to meeting all the participants, having the chance to learn about their work and sharing experiences.

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