2016 Year in Review by NOOR


A selection of the most compelling work produced by NOOR photographers in 2016.
  • RNC 2016
  • The Hellbangers of Botswana
  • BRA2016G00003
  • Brexit Protest
  • MM8472_160312_046937
  • unholy_D81_9124 copy
  • KOY2016026C | The Numto Park
  • Zika virus in Brazil
  • LOJ2
  • Lashkar Gah, Helmand, Afghanistan
  • RAA2016012C | Toxic Leather Tannery in Pakistan
  • Noor Morocco Solar Plant, Ouarzazate, Morocco


Nina Berman

British Artist Martin Creed's circling "Understanding" sculpture is seen in Brooklyn Bridge Park on…

e-fest in tunisia

Pep Bonet

Pep Bonet travels to Tunisia to document the 10th edition of 'E-Fest', the first…

mount athos, all-male orthodox enclave

Yuri Kozyrev

For the past thousand years or so, a community of Eastern Orthodox monks has…

the big show

Benedicte Kurzen

"Scene 19:21:23, set two!" Shouts the assistant and indicates the clapperboard. Rita Dominic, a…

machu picchu

Sebastian Liste

My family comes from Uruguay, and my grandfather was an architect who developed urban…

peatlands, forest fires and climate change

Kadir van Lohuizen

Kalimantan, being the biggest island of Indonesia has an incredible beauty and bio diversity.…

coal mining in mozambique

Kadir van Lohuizen

Coal mining in Mozambique: how the extractive industry keeps investing in coal after the…

the new cocoa women

Francesco Zizola

The New Cocoa Women is the name of a project sponsored by Luigi Zaini…

fighting to work: gender discrimination in india

Andrea Bruce

An argument split this impoverished corner of the village of Peepli Khera, prompting an…