2017, Year in Review


As we celebrated our 10th anniversary and reaffirmed our principles as independent journalists, photographers, filmmakers & artists, NOOR stood with resisters around the world fighting authoritarianism and racism in all forms as well as shining a light on the darkest places in the world.

We round up the main stories by NOOR authors over the course of the past 12 months, as well as our assertive actions to inform the world and nurture new talents.

  • ZIF2017001B5569
  • BEN2017002C | Protest against Trump's immigration ban
  • BRA2017001C | Sanitation: Open Defecation
  • DSC_1415
  • GRS2017001B-0030
  • HAT2017007C | Anti-terrorist training for tourists
  • NuryanaÕs son (9) in territory controlled by Islamic State.
  • Waste Lagos, January 2017
  • LIS2017001C | US-Mexican border
  • LIS2017003D | Aleppo After the Fall
  • LIS2017003D | Aleppo After the Fall
  • LIS2017003D | Aleppo After the Fall
  • LOK2017002C | Hurricaine Irma hits Miami
  • LOK2017002C | Hurricaine Irma hits Miami

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