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In October 2013 the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Conflict Photography took place in Bayeux, France as a part of the ‘Rencontres Prix Bayeux-Calvados’, a festival for conflict reporting involving different disciplines. During three days ten young professional photographers shared experiences and their work with NOOR photographers Stanley Greene, Alixandra Fazzina and NOOR’s managing director Evelien Kunst.

“As a women you have advantages and disadvantages. I always like to take the opportunities that are offered to you as female photographer and try to cover stories that otherwise could not been told,” says Alixandra Fazzina during a presentation of her work. She shared her work and experiences, often long-term and very intimate, during a two-hour presentation.

One out of three days was devoted to secutity where NOOR photographers Stanley Greene and Alixandra Fazzina shared some useful insights and Grégoire Pouget from Reporters Without Borders (RSF) touched upon the usage of mobile devices and alternative communication tools. The work of the participants was screened in the presence of approximately 300 festival guests at the Nikon party following the evening presentations.

Read more about this masterclass here on our blog page.

On this page you will find showcases of the participants work.

This NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Conflict Photography is made possible with the generous support of Nikon France.

  • 8mc
  • Bangladesh. The Unseen.
  • Morsy,The beginning and end
  • The child witches of Kinshasa-2
  • 009
  • MS Kalashnikov | Female fighters in Congolese rebel groups

In contemporary African wars women continue to play a variety of crucial roles, and yet they remain invi- sible to the world. Only a handful of researchers and journalists have appreciated the im
  • IPO lesbians_007_resize
  • From India to the Reunion Island: From indenture to emancipation, Reunion Island (FR), 2013.
  • Ruth McDowall-6

selected participants

tutor team

Stanley Greene, Alixandra Fazzina and managing director Evelien Kunst (The Netherlands) as moderator.

noor-nikon rsf masterclass – prix bayeux-calvados 2013


The video made by Nikon France on the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass at the 2013 Prix Bayeux-Calvados…

child witches of Kinshasa by Gwenn Dubourthoumieu


Between 20 000 and 50 000 children live in the streets of Kinshasa. Organized…

from India to the Reunion Island: from indenture to emancipation by Morgan Fache


Just as colonization has been a characteristic of the 16th century, decolonization has been…

scar tissue by Ruth McDowall


Nigeria, The Giant of Africa, is the most populous country in Africa. With an…

inside Idlib Province by Anders Birger


The Syrian uprising is now in its third year. With over 2 million refugees…

Morsy, the beginning and end by Eman Helal


After decades of being an underground political group, the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power…

ms. kalashnikov; female fighters in Congolese rebel groups by Francesca Tosarelli


In contemporary African wars women continue to play a variety of crucial roles and…

apt. 779 by Irina Popova


The project Apt. 779 is documenting the daily life in apartment number 779 in…

Bangladesh, The Unseen by Ans Brys


With a cumulation of unfavourable climatological and geographical factors that annually causes three quarters…

the Idlib province in Syria by Maciej Moskwa


Photographic record that contains the images of victims and the destruction of the Idlib…

modern revolutions by Mattia Cacciatori


Demonstration in Taksim square, Gezi Park and Istiklal street. Thousands of people take part…