bucharest masterclass

In March 2011, the NOOR Foundation organized the annual NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Bucharest, Romania.

Fifteen young documentary photographers and photojournalists hailing from seven different countries were selected and gathered to team up with three NOOR photographers. The project was realized with the support of the Eidos Foundation.

During a five-day intense workshop, a host of information about the profession was shared in sessions in which professional experiences were discussed, personal portfolios were reviewed and editing skills improved. Prior to the class, the participants worked on a visual document of their own ‘daily lives’.

A public lecture was organized with the support of Nikonisti, the official distributor of Nikon in Rumania, there’s a video of the presentation by Pep Bonet, Stanley Greene and Philip Blenkinsop.

The annual NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography is realized with the generous support of Nikon Europe BV.



selected participants

Alexandra Dinca | Romania
Alexandru Tomazatos | Romania
Arthur Bondar | Ukraine
Bogdan Chesaru | Romania
Bogdan Dinca | Romania
Boryana Katsarova | Bulgaria
Dorin Goian | Moldova
Eugenia Maximova | Bulgaria
Ioana Moldovan | Romania
Jetmir Idrizi | Kosovo
Marco Risovic | Serbia
Maxim Dondyuk | Ukraine
Oksana Yushko | Russia
Sanja Knezevic | Serbia
Tudor Vintiloiu | Romania

tutor team

The tutors for the 2011 NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Bucharest. were Pep Bonet (Mallorca), Stanley Greene (USA) and Philip Blenkinsop (UK/Australia) and managing director Claudia Hinterseer as moderator.

noor-nikon masterclass in documentary photography – multimedia


During the 2011 NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Bucharest a public lecture was…

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