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On 20 March 2003, a coalition of forces led by United States of America and the United Kingdom, invaded Ba’athist Iraq. The invasion occurred without an official declaration of war. It would become one of the most controversial conflicts of the new millennium.

The Iraq-war lasted for almost ten years. What should have been a rapid win according to former US president George W. Bush, resulted in a war-torn country with many casualties. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of that war.

From its very beginnings, NOOR has been covering the conflict’s complex developments, up until US President Barack Obama announced the withdrawal of American troops in 2011.

Five NOOR photographers worked in Iraq in different periods of time, each and everyone of them driven by different reasons and analyzing different aspects as the war began to unfold.

During the first wave of invasion, Francesco Zizola recorded the first moments of war, whilst Stanley Greene traversed to Falluja one year after the invasion. Stanley did not only document insurgencies, but also traveled to Baghdad a year after to follow the American troops. In so doing, he covered the Iraq war from two angles.

Both Andrea Bruce and Kadir van Lohuizen followed the last phases of the conflict. Both focused on post-war Iraq, engaging in the withdrawal of the American troops and the difficulties that the country has faced. Whilst in Iraq, Andrea followed the intricacies and obstacles of the conflict experienced by Iraqis and the US military. She often focused on the social issues that are sometimes ignored and often ignited in this war’s wake.

Yuri Kozyrev spent almost eight years in and out of the country. He lived in Baghdad, documenting every aspect of the complex war. Barely nothing went uncovered, from the troubled civilians, to the front lines and wounded soldiers. Yuri engaged with all subjects. His commitment enabled him to produce an impressive and significant body of work, one that serves as evidence of the destruction and impact of war.

On the other hand, Nina Berman focused on the consequences of the war in the United States. Here she examined war and militarism as soldiers returned from Iraq, back to their Homeland. She captured the hidden scars left behind in wounded marines upon their difficult return to normality back home in the US.

Below you can see all the features that the photographers have produced over the last decade.

  • Iraq, Tikrit, citizens gathered at cemetery
  • Iraq, Baghdad, man carrying reusable casket
  • War in Iraq
  • Inside Iraq
  • Inside Iraq
  • Inside Iraq
  • Inside Iraq
  • Wounded U.S. Marine Ty Ziegel
  • Iraq
  • The last 50,000 soldiers in Iraq
  • Iraq
  • Iraq

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