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In 2001, following the 9/11 attacks, the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan, with the declared aim of dismantling Al-Qaeda and the Taliban regime that was ruling the country.

NOOR photographers have been working extensively in Afghanistan for the last 15 years, traveling to the country to document the combats, social issues and daily life of the Afghan people.

Nina Berman
was in Afghanistan a few years ahead of the US invasion and documented what life used to be under the Taliban rule.

Andrea Bruce
has been working in close contact with the rural population and women of Afghanistan. She has been reporting the struggles that the population must face in a country which has been under conflict for all of its recent history.

Stanley Greene
went to Afghanistan in the autumn of 2001, while the drums of war grew stronger and louder. He has later traveled along the ancient Silk Road, the main trail for Afghan heroin, investigating what lies behind these places and their people, cursed by drugs and disease.

Also, Francesco Zizola and Kadir van Lohuizen traveled to Afghanistan in the autumn of 2001 soon after the US led invasion. Zizola went to the northern region of Takhar province, where the soldiers of the North Alliance were engaging into battle with the Talibans. Van Lohuizen reported on the odyssey of refugees fleeing drought and famine in Herat province.

Yuri Kozyrev
has been documenting the fighting and the daily life in the war-thorn country, spending time both with the Taliban groups and the US troops. He produced an all-round visual account of the conflict and diving deep into the Afghan society.

Alixandra Fazzina
traveled to the mountainous provinces of Afghanistan to work with women in a country where the rate of maternal mortality is highest in the world. She also spent extensive time with refugees across the border with Pakistan. Alixandra continued to work in the region, telling the story of one of the biggest minors migration in the world with her project The Flowers of Afghanistan.

Kadir van Lohuizen went back to Afghanistan in 2016, for the first time since 2001. He found a country of fear and uncertainty. There he documented the daily operations of the MSF hospital in the capital of Lashkar Gah, the only hospital in the Helmand province. 

In this project page we have grouped all the features produced by NOOR photographers from Afghanistan over the last 15 years.

  • Lashkar Gah, Helmand, Afghanistan
  • BEN011SE0026
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Takhar province, near the village of Ai-Khanum, Afghanistan. October 20th, 2001. Northern Alliance soldiers with heavy artillery, shelling Taliban from the Kalkata frontline.
  • Takhar province, village of Dashti Kola, Afghanistan. October 11th, 2001. Muslim cemetery. Funeral of Northern Alliance soldier killed the same day from Taliban fire on Kalkata frontline.
  • Afghan Autumn
  • Afghan Autumn
  • Afghan Autumn
  • The Marjah Offensive, Afghanistan
  • BRA049SE0005
  • Afghanistan, Herat, Maslakh, refugees inside refugees camp (B&W)
  • Afganistan 2001
  • Afghanistan, Kandahar, police surveying the scene of a bomb blast
  • The Marjah Offensive, Afghanistan
  • Displaced from Helmand and Kandahar
  • KOY050SE0001
  • KOY020SE0031
  • KOY010SE0014
  • Afghanistan, maternal mortality
  • Road to Ruin.
  • Road to Ruin.
  • Road to Ruin.
  • KOY018SE0023
  • KOY018SE0078
  • Afghanistan
  • BRA049SE0016
  • KOY050SE0021
  • KOY118SE0083
  • KOY140SE0052
  • KOY140SE0019

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