Five years of Syrian war


Five years after the start of the Syrian conflict, a selection of NOOR’s most compelling stories on what has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in modern times.

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  • It sounds like a jet approaching, and everybody, it's a matter of instants, stare at each other, your words stifling in your mouth; but it's only a gate that slides and shuts. A hatchet chopping firewood is a kalashnikov burst, the step of a woman's heel
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  • The old souk, a UNESCO heritage site, April 2, 2013. "Who will solve the depths of horrors to defend a sun beam's architecture with his life and carve jungles of despair to hold a mountain heartbeat in his hand."- qoute by E.E. Cummings
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the dust of aleppo

Stanley Greene

Worn out, and soul of dust, you twist and turn amid the piled sandbags…

za’atari: inside these walls

Nina Berman

The Syrian war has created an unprecedented refugee crisis with millions of Syrians displaced.…

syrian refugees in istanbul

Sebastian Liste

The Syrian civil war has sparked the worst global refugee crises in over 40…

za’atari: tears in the sand

Stanley Greene

Za’atari is a refugee camp on the northern Jordan border with Syria, which is…

making the most of the outcome of war

Andrea Bruce

This is an account of everyday life from an issue that is now being…

za’atari: new lives

Alixandra Fazzina

Unsure of when they will be able to return as the conflict continues, the…

syria conflict: government troops retake homs old city

Yuri Kozyrev

Rebel fighters had completed their withdrawal from the central city of Homs, according to…

living under the regime

Andrea Bruce

Damascus is a city of people waiting for the unknown. Most men have sent…

syrian military funeral

Andrea Bruce

Andrea Bruce won the 2nd prize in the Daily Life singles category of the…

emergency workers from the syrian arab red crescent

Andrea Bruce

Emergency workers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) are the few people allowed…

syrian detainees

Andrea Bruce

As the Syrian civil war continues, and the humanitarian crisis worsen, Islamists are increasingly…

the dead and the alive

Stanley Greene

March is also March in Syria, light, it’s slightly wavy hills, embroidered with primroses…