framing the future cairo

The NOOR Foundation in collaboration with ItF and the Cairo-based Contemporary Image Collective organized a working conference in Cairo, Egypt, from 14 to 19 May 2011.

“Framing the Future” was about regional interaction between photojournalists and digital media activists to share lessons learned from different experiences earlier in the year during the “Arab Spring”, questioning the role of reporting and images in revolutionary movements in the Arab region.

Participants came from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen, all professional journalists in the digital age. The project included two parallel four-day workshops for photojournalists and digital journalists and a two-day concluding conference where both groups joined with digital media activists, journalists and other experts.

A group presentation of the work of the participating photographers was developed that was exhibited in Marseille as part of the group exhibition “Révolutions Arabes” curated by Alain Mignam.

Framing the Future was generously supported by DOEN Foundation.

guest speakers and experts

Abeer Saady | Journalist and board member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate
Ramy Raoof | Blogger and human rights activist
Ehab Salam | Investing in the Future’s Legal program coordinator
Lionel Veer | Dutch human rights ambassador

selected participants

Mohamed Messara/EPA | Algeria

Maher Malak Iskandar | Egypt

Mohammed El Mashad | Egypt

Fadi Ezzat | Egypt

Muhammad Abdel Ghany | Egypt

Myriam Abdelaziz | Egypt/France

Amira Murtada | Egypt

Sardasht Aziz Mahmoud | Iraqi Kurdistan

Anas Damra | Jordan

Abdellah Hiloui | Morocco

Chafik Arich | Morocco

Aymen Omrani | Tunisia

Yusef Ajlan | Yemen

Jameel Subay | Yemen


tutor team

The tutors for the Framing the Future project in Cairo were Nina Berman (USA), Alixandra Fazzina (UK) and Stanley Greene (USA) and managing director Claudia Hinterseer as moderator.

framing the future – multimedia


A group presentation of the work of the participating photographers of the Framing the Future project…