nikon-noor academy workshop in amsterdam

Between 28 February and 3 March 2017, the Nikon-NOOR Workshop took place at the headquarters of Nikon Europe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This workshop launched Nikon-NOOR Academy 2017, following by workshops in Berlin, Paris & Manchester. Fifteen young photographers and photojournalist from the Netherlands came together for an inspiring four days of learning and sharing with NOOR photographers Yuri Kozyrev, Pep Bonet and Sebastián Liste and NOOR team represented by Asmara Pelupessy, Anastasia Muratova and Clement Saccomani. 

During the four intensive days, the group reviewed and shared their portfolios, listened to presentations by the photographers, held in-depth discussions on practical and creative issues, and edited their visual stories. Below you will find a showcase of the participants’ work.


During the special Fotokroniek evening at Nikon-NOOR Workshop in Amsterdam that supplemented the workshop program, Sebastian Liste and Pep Bonet shared their latest photographic and multimedia stories. Watch recorded video from the Fotokroniek Special  here


Ever wondered what it’s like to participate in the Nikon-NOOR Academy? Watch Nikon-NOOR Academy in Amsterdam


The masterclass has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Nikon Europe.

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  • NOOR WORKSHOPS AMSTERDAM 2017 - Joris van Gennip (5 of 10)
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  • NOOR WORKSHOPS AMSTERDAM 2017 - Joris van Gennip (6 of 10)
  • NOOR WORKSHOPS AMSTERDAM 2017 - Joris van Gennip (10 of 10)
  • Noor Academy at Nikon - by Jaasir Linger-3 copy
  • Noor Academy at Nikon - by Jaasir Linger-5 copy
  • NOOR WORKSHOPS AMSTERDAM 2017 - Joris van Gennip (1 of 1)
  • Noor Academy at Nikon - by Jaasir Linger-15 copy
  • NOOR WORKSHOPS AMSTERDAM 2017 - Joris van Gennip (7 of 10)
  • Maarten de Kok 2017_02 NOOR-9 copy
  • Maarten de Kok 2017_02 NOOR-10 copy
  • Sebastian Liste Workshop AMS day2


Very informative and good balance between presentations from the NOOR photographers and working groups. It was also very inspiring and a privilege to work with such respected photographers.

- Bart Brouwer


Every aspect contributed in different ways to my learning progress. Working on a wide edit was very useful namely by watching how and understanding Pep Bonet ends up with a specific edit and not another. What contributes and what distracts the viewer from the core of the story? But each activity can't be seen singularly from another. The very diverse presentations of the three photographers made me gain information that all spoke to me: ethically, practically, artistically.

 - Claudia Dijkkamp Vento

The workshop has been well planned and organized, the best part is asking us what our learning goal is and from putting out all the questions provides a great deal of support.

- Jecan Chiu

This is an experience I am very grateful for and I've learned so much. It came to me at just the right time. The professionalism of the team, with the goal of making the best photographers of us, felt like a warm bath. I'm sure this is a point in my career where I'm going to change myself as a photographer.

- Maartje Brockbernd




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