NOOR | best of 2015

2015 through the lens of NOOR photographers  


NOOR photographers are committed to documenting wars, inequalities, revolutions, migration and environmental justice around the world. 


We are pleased to present a collection of some of their most compelling and powerful stories of 2015. 




Francesco Zizola

In the ancient Greek culture, Hybris came to define the sin of excess, arrogance,…

made of steel and sweat

Benedicte Kurzen

There’s a word for it in Ga: nakpee. That combination of awe and disbelief…

the orphan revolution

Sebastian Liste

The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela became orphan in March 2013 when Chavez died, and…

preparing for perestroika?

Yuri Kozyrev

Cuba: poor,  beautiful, loud, and above all, full of people who are very proud to…

cuba daily life

Sebastian Liste

For the first time in fifty years the United States and Cuba have restored…

the forgotten war in congo drc

Kadir van Lohuizen

Children in Eastern Congo (DRC) are born into conflict.  After the genocide in Rwanda…

isis in america

Andrea Bruce

In rural Washington state, 24-year-old Alex began communicating with members of the Islamic State last…

forced | video

Pep Bonet

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are about 250 million economically active…

suffering in silence: obstetric fistula in asia

Pep Bonet

Obstetric fistula is a devastating medical condition resulting from complicated childbirths. In most cases…