pakistan at war


Pakistan’s war against terrorism on its own soil began in 2008 with the launch of the first military offensive against the Taliban on the Afghan border. Since then, the country has been constantly at war.

In the fight to root out insurgents, frontlines in the tribal areas are ever shifting. Spreading south from Bajaur, Mohmand and Khyber, encompassing governed areas such as Swat, Buner and Dir, the latest army operations against the Taliban and its insurgent factions have recently moved back to the mountains of Waziristan.

Unlike the conflict in neighbouring Afghanistan that has been widely reported alongside international forces, war in Pakistan has gone largely unseen. With frontlines in the remote tribal areas off-limits to journalists and outsiders, the past eight years of fighting has gone almost undocumented.

Bearing witness to the first outbreak of hostilities in Bajaur, Alixandra Fazzina has spent the last 6 years in Pakistan documenting stories of the country at war. Gaining only sporadic access to the frontlines, her in-depth photographs and testimonies have taken her country-wide, documenting the plight of civilians affected by the brutality of these forgotten wars, that have to date, uprooted millions.

©Alixandra Fazzina | NOOR – Islamabad, April 2014

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