tbilisi photo festival workshop for female photographers led by alixandra fazzina

From 21 to 24 September 2016, Alixandra Fazzina led an intense workshop for female photographers in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was organised within the frame of Tbilisi Photo Festival and in partnership with UN Women. During 4 days Alixandra discussed with participants the her experience as female documentary photographer, ”The Ethics of Getting Close” and how to develop long-term projects. The Georgian photographers learned about how to cover sensitive issues and work in difficult environments. Alixandra also helped them with tips on concept development and professional proposal writing. At the end of workshop participants presented their own project proposals on the theme of sexual harassment in the workplace to UN Women Georgia.

In addition, Alixandra contributed to a festival panel discussion together with two more female NOOR photographers – Tanya Habjouqa & Benedicte Kurzen. This round talk took place on 19 September and was mediated by  Anna-Alix Kofi, creator and editor-in-chief of OFF the wall photobook. The program of Tbilisi Photo Festival also included outdoor screening ‘Special Night by NOOR’ on 21 September and presentation the Arab Documentary Photography Program by Tanya Habjouqa.

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Anka Gujabidze

Dina Oganova 

Eana Korbezashvili 

Leila Blagonravova

Mzia Saganelidze

Natalia Sopromadze 

Natela  Grigalashvili

Tako Robakidze 



“Documentary and artistic photography can greatly contribute to uncovering unseen or taboo topics... Many of us may fail to realize that have been exposed to sexual harassment, because we are simply used to sexist remarks or behavior. It is, however, time to start questioning what is and what is not appropriate communication between colleagues at work place, and try also to visualize it. The workshop has definitely helped to realize that the problem exists and is unaddressed. Picturing sexual harassment at work place in non-explicit way is not an easy task. Yet,I strongly believe that photography has the power to speak about everything”. 

Mzia Saganelidze, participant

“We know each other, but have never before worked as a team. I believe we can do a lot together to raise awareness of the problem. We plan continue working on our ideas developed during the workshop and present our works to public later this year”.  

Leli Blagonravova, participant

“We plan to benefit from creative ideas presented in the end of the workshop. We aim at bringing the issue –captured through the eyes of Georgian female photographers, to the places where the photos will speak out -- including to law-makers and employers. We know, it can be powerful and empowering. We have done it before and learned that art, including photography, can help to accelerate a positive change in lives of women”.

Erika Kvapilova, UN Women Country Representative.