visual storytelling in an open society

Between March and October 2012, the NOOR Foundation in collaboration with Al-liquindoi Workshops and the Contemporary Image Collective organized a fully-funded intensive training program for documentary photographers and photojournalists in Egypt: Visual Storytelling in an Open Society.

The project aimed to encourage young working photographers to tell stories through longer-term documentary work rather than spot news photography.

Participants received two week-long master-level workshops on visual storytelling, led by the mentors Nina Berman, Rula Halawani and Sheryl Mendez. During seven months, an on-going mentorship and support program took place. Each participant was assigned one of the mentors and an on-line platform was the vehicle for communication between mentors and participants. Dialogue about the work in progress happened via Skype and email.

The Visual Storytelling in an Open Society program was concluded on the 18th of October.

Photo-editors with the national press were invited to the workshop to review the final stories. The weekly newspaper Egypt Independent supported the program and its participating photographers, and will publish the produced stories (see below) along with Panorama Blog and the features section of Al Masry al Youm.

selected participants

Eman Helal Mohamed Bedir, Kismet El Sayed, Pauline Beugnies, Ahmed Nagy Draz, Omnia Mohamed Arfin, Matjaž Kačičnik, Khaled Farouk El Barky, Hamada Elrasm, Mohamed Ali Eddin Mahmoud Ahmed, Mahmoud Khaled Mahmoud Mohamed.

guest speakers

Rena Effendi, Denis Dailleux, David Degner, John Perkins, Myriam Abdelaziz and Kim Badawi.


Al-liquindoi Workshops is based in Barcelona, Spain and works with some of the leading photographers and industry professionals in the photography field. Al-liquindoi has been organizing workshops and long-term training programs and support for photographers around the world for the past decade.


Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) is an independent non-profit art initiative founded in Cairo in 2004. CIC’s mission spans contemporary art and educational programming that responds to and develops artistic practice, engagement, and discourse. Established by a group of artists and photographers who today make up its Board of Trustees, CIC has a special interest in the roles of the photographic image at large.

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