exhibition solutions by noor opens in goes, the netherlands

Solutions, wind energy in China

Ongoing climate change is likely to worsen the situation of our places, species and livelihoods.

Opening tonight at the Grote Kerk in Goes, Solutions by NOOR forms a collection of photo essays by Yuri Kozyrev, Nina Berman, Alixandra Fazzina, Kadir van Lohuizen, Jon Lowenstein, Stanley Greene, Pep Bonet and Francesco Zizola.

Each photo essay visualizes a possible solution to climate change, such as “Greening the Ghetto” in New York,  the use of windmills in China, or the invaluable use of solar lamps in a country like Kenya. Consequences, a previous multimedia project by NOOR, will be projected as well.

Solutions is realized by NOOR with the support of Nikon and in collaboration with “Switch”. Show runs from 14 March till 1 April and is free to enter.

For more information about the current and upcoming shows please see the exhibition schedule or check for more information at Stichting Goes.

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