sandy at night

In lower Manhattan now at night, with no power, cell phone service, light is from police and ambulance lights, red, orange, blue, or from the little flashlights people carry while they're walking their dogs, or from car lights, and just Tuesday night, buses.


The point of reference, like the North Star, is the Empire State Building, the line of demarcation. Everything North of the… read more ›

the issue, katrina

“Katrina - An Unnatural Disaster, The Issue # 1”



By Stanley Greene, Kadir van Lohuizen, Thomas Dworzak and Paolo Pellegrin.


Essay by Jon Lee Anderson.


This first edition, entitled Katrina – An Unnatural Disaster, is devoted in its entirety to the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and its devastating effects on the residents and former residents.


The photographs capture the Big Easy… read more ›