the e-waste trail by stanley greene: india | work in progress

Stanley Greene is following the trail of electronic waste to Nigeria, India, China and Pakistan.

After documenting e-waste in Nigeria, Stanley travelled to India. There, workers dismantle computer boards, inverters, and other sorts of electronic waste for recycling, getting paid USD 4 a day.

When breaking open these highly chemical materials, workers get exposed to toxic and poisonous components. Some are told that eating more oil and butter will protect them from getting ill from the chemicals they are exposed to.

This project is being realized with the support of the Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography and GEO France. Stanley will now leave for Pakistan for an additional chapter.

The E-Waste Trail will be exhibited at the international photojournalism festival Visa pour l’Image 2012 and published in the October edition of GEO France.

The black and white film is developed in Paris by Dupon and printed by Nathalie Lopparelli of Fenetre sur Cour.

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