unseen, unheard – alixandra fazzina

Over the past five years, I have moved from Yemen to Pakistan, covering the effects of wars in Somalia and Afghanistan. In the places I made my home, armed conflicts also continue. Propelled by sectarian hatreds, misshaped ideologies and radicalised armies, daily acts of bloodshed and cruelty seldom make the headlines. For the victims, there is often no healing and no moving on. On frontlines and in the camps, I have spent much of my time collecting testimonies that illustrate and reflect the bitter realities faced by civilians. In regions where truths are seldom told out of fear or shame, the casualties often stay unseen and unheard. This small collection of largely unpublished portraits and stories, like many of the women featured, have yet to find a home as wars in the regions continue. To those who found the courage within themselves to share with me their darkest memories, I keep your testimonies with me in my heart for the years to come, others I retell now for the first time. – Alixandra Fazzina

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