usa-canada – nina berman

I conceived of this book as a journey from muted colors, loneliness and uncertainty, to landscapes more richly hued but in distress, all in some way fueled by the language of money, the candy colored pixels, abstract screens, and disembodied traders poised to rule the day. I drew from specific stories: the Obama Train, a women’s prison, NOOR’s climate projects as seen in Las Vegas and British Columbia and my ongoing work on the shale gas rush. I also included pictures of my friend Kim, who I met in London in 1990, photographed for a time, and then stopped. Only in 2009, after I joined NOOR, did I decide to make pictures with her again. The Iraq war is a subtle current, weaving its way through the lives of Eman, page 5, Julie, page 11 and Ian, page 15. But mainly, the images were selected based on color and feeling, and not driven by a specific narrative. My hope was to offer an open-ended view, leaving you free to conjure up your own story along the way. – Nina Berman

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