“Into the Shadows” is a pursuit into the lives of hundreds of thousands of Africans living in the inner city of Johannesburg. They are urban survivors: their stories remain untold, their existence is unrecorded and their voices unheard — but their harrowing stories cast a shadow on Africa as a whole.


Pep Bonet produced a documentary film on the dark underbelly of the inner city of Johannesburg: the slum buildings, the struggle for survival as migrants, refugees and local South Africans compete for jobs, for accommodation, for food and for a better life.


Despite the loss, the despair, the violence and the hopelessness, we have been deeply moved by the calibre and integrity of the people we have met. The resilience, the sacrifice, the intellect. The poor are neither uneducated nor ignorant. They are resourceful, they are sceptical, they are articulate and the vast majority have hit the ground running and are desperate to live, to be respected and to be given the opportunity of a better life.”


Into the shadows is part of the project “Urban Survivors“.