Call it the Jasmine Revolution, the Arab Spring or the Facebook Revolution, a powerful Sirocco blew across North Africa and the Middle East since the beginning of 2011.

Much of the reportage on this world-changing wind focused on the common threads that ran across the region: the youthfulness of the revolutionaries, their clever use of social media websites, their embrace (for the most part) of nonviolent protests as a political tool.

But as I crisscrossed the region, capturing images from Libya to Egypt to Bahrain, I was just as conscious of the differences I encountered: the rebels in Benghazi and the protesters in Bahrain may both of been fighting tyranny, but their approach and aspirations were not the same.

I came to the conclusion that each revolution must be assessed in its own context, because each had a distinctive impact. The drama of each revolution unfolded separately. Each had its own heroes, its own crises. Each therefore demands its own narrative.

Music by José Bautista