the western front by stanley greene

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Stanley Greene‘s new book ‘The Western Front‘ is published by André Frère Editions 2013 and was launched today at Paris Photo. For this book he again collaborated with graphic designer Teun van der Heijden.

The Western Front is a unique documentation of the 70s and 80s punkscene in San Francisco, US and was shot over a period of ten years,

“I began photographing musicians in 1975, in fact they were my roommates, the punk movement was born, so sometimes I took a picture….

But in San Francisco, it was particular. It was called “Art and Music” The Mutants, The Dills, Flipper, Crime, SVT, The Yanks, Tuxedo Moon, The Tubes, Los Lobos, The Avengers, Dead Kennedys and Romeo Void, U2. Many of them were students at the San Francisco Art Institute. Members of The Mutants and Romeo Void of course..Chris Isaac of Silver Tones too and Bonnie Hayes & The Wild Bunch – Bonnie Hayes was one of the coolest girls in the punk scene. I was surrounded by these rock bands, both punks and artists. Suddenly these groups wanted images. They call me and say: “Stanley, I know you have pictures, you know, this magazine wants to do an article on us, etc.” And without realizing it, I became a professional photographer while still an art student….”

(text by Stanley Greene and Martine van der Meer)

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