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    Across British Columbia, 36 million acres of pine forests are dead and dying. The killer is a small beetle the size of a rice kernel. Indigenous to the forests of North America, the mountain pine beetle’s population was kept in check by cold winters. But global warming has allowed the beetles to thrive. The number and intensity of forest fires fueled by dead pine beetle killed trees has increased dramatically over the years. | Canada, 2009 | Nina Berman / NOOR

  • Water Crisis in Sao Paulo

    Climate change has increased the likelihood of extreme weather events, like droughts. This year Sao Paulo suffered one of the greatest water crisis in years. The Cantareira water reservoir, one of the six reservoir system supplying the 21 million people city, was down to 6 percent of its capacity. Sao Paulo's water company Sabesp decided to ration the water, leaving 60 percent of the residents with restricted supplies and some faraway slums without water. | Sao Paulo, Brazil - August 2015 | Sebastian Liste / NOOR

  • LOJ077SE0113

    Protests have ensued in Chicago since the release of the video showing police officer Jason Van Dyke shoot 17 year old Laquan McDonald. Activists are taking the street and calling for the removal of Police Chief Garry McCarthy, the State’s attorney Anita Alvarez and other people who covered up the case. | Chicago | November 2015 | Jon Lowenstein / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/syrian-refugees-in-istanbul/

    Living in limbo between the dream of returning home and hoping to find asylum in Europe, a community of Syrian Kurdish refugees has built their new home in the ruins of the decaying neighborhood of Suleymaniye in Istanbul. Most of them had a good life in Aleppo but now their families are struggling to survive. | Istanbul, Turkey | December, 2013 | Sebastian Liste / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/kidnapped-and-rescued/

    Misgna, 22-year-old from Eritrea, was rescued on the MSF Bourbon Argos on 2 September 2015. He is one of 9 Christian Eritreans on board of the Argos who were kidnapped by Isis fighters on 2 June, along the smuggling route from Ajdabiya to Bani Walid, Libya. | Mediterranean Sea | September, 2015 | Francesco Zizola / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/a-mass-migration-crisis/

    A group of migrants in a makeshift detention camp waits for Hungarian authorities to register their arrival in the European Union. According to a report recently released by Human Rights Watch, migrants in the two Roszke detention centres on the Serbian border live in 'abysmal' conditions, lacking of food and medical care. | Roszke, Hungary | August 2015 | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/video/on-revolution-road/

    Demonstrators calling for the end of the Mubarak regime lift a demonstrator during a march on the square. 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of Egypt's Arab Spring, the precedent popular mobilisation and protests that led to the overthrow of Mubarak's government. | Cairo, Egypt | February 2011 | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

rising sea levels

rising sea levels


For the past year and a half, I have been looking at the global consequences of rising sea levels caused…

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