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    It has been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina hit the coasts of Louisiana. Photo by Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR | Louisiana, USA - January 2006

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    Dr. Stephen Cleghorn declares his farm forever frack free in a memorial tribute to his wife Lucinda Hart Gonzalez who died of breast cancer. Environmental activists from across the region attended to honor Lucinda and participate in the release of her ashes. | Franklindale, Pennsylvania, USA - June 2011 | Nina Berman / NOOR

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    Ferguson, MO, USA - August 2014 | Jon Lowenstein / NOOR

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    Alixandra's 'A Million Shillings' project is shortlisted for the prestigious Prix Pictet award. Read more on the news blog. | Standing in choppy shoulder deep water, Somali refugees look back anxiously from the sea as they try to locate friends and relatives left behind on Shimbiro Beach. Their fate is now sealed. Only eleven of the people who took this boat were to ever reach Yemen alive. | Shimbiro, Somalia - November 2007 | Alixandra Fazzina / NOOR

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    Check out Asim Rafiqui’s project "The Idea of India' that is an artistic exploration of these unique syncretic rituals, sites, and the cultural and social identities of India. Street scene | Gujarat, India - 2012 | Asim Rafiqui / NOOR

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    Alani praying on the Mount of Olives located at Amendoeira neighborhood, overlooking São Gonçalo. For a long time this place is frequented by evangelists that climb the mount to pray. The name of this place is related with the place where Jesus used to pray in Jerusalem, called Mount of Olives. | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - August 2014 | Sebastian Liste / NOOR

idea of india

idea of india


We have become accustomed to news of sectarian violence on the Indian sub-continent suggesting a widening rift between India’s…

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