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    With the escalation of violence ongoing in Aleppo, many of the vulnerable population, including children, are being wounded and killed. Yuri Kozyrev and Stanley Greene have been documenting this ongoing civil conflict from its beginnings | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/34289/

    This year NOOR will be at VISA Pour l’Image with a NOOR booth, exhibition, screening and education programme. Join NOOR photographers & staff at Palais des Congrès in Perpignan, from August 29th-September 4th. As NOOR’s 10th anniversary approaches, we will be delighted to share with you a unique NOOR experience: a visual journey through the past, present and future of our agency. | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/citizen-journalism-in-brazils-favelas/

    Sebastian Liste, 'Citizen Journalism in Brazil's Favelas': Police shootings in most of Rio’s favelas are so common, but barely register. A group of friends from the Complexo do Alemao, one of the largest urban slums in Brazil, decided to form a media collective, 'Papo Reto', to draw attention to the conditions in their favela and warn residents to avoid particularly dangerous areas. The project will be screened at VISA pour L'Image

  • http://noorimages.com/call-for-applications-noor-organ-vida-workshop/

    Join Alixandra Fazzina for 'Up-close: Long-term Documentary Storytelling', a 3-day workshop in Zagreb, in collaboration with Organ Vida - International Photography Festival. | Alixandra Fazzina / NOOR

  • http://archive.noorimages.com/?10511533054221535940&EVENT=WEBSHOP_SEARCH&SEARCHMODE=OFFER&OFFER=00000351%7C%7CStanley+Greene+%7C+The+Battle+for+Aleppo%2C+2013

    Aleppo is in the midst of what could be the most decisive battle in the Syrian civil war. In 2013 Stanley Greene was on the frontlines of Aleppo, to document the fighting between Syrian rebels and government troops. | Stanley Greene / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/coal-mining-in-mozambique/

    Whilst at COP21 it was basically agreed that the era of fossil fuels is coming to an end, the coal industry in Mozambique is doing actually the complete opposite. Kadir van Lohuizen’s new story ‘Coal mining in Mozambique’ documents the country’s flourishing extractive industry and the harsh consequences for the population. | Kadir van Louizen / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/the-other-iraq/

    Since 2003, the Kurds have developed, within Iraq, a parallel state, with their own parliament, national anthem and army. Today, under the threat of ISIS, the Kurds appear remarkably united in their eagerness for an independent state. Yuri Kozyrev travelled to Iraqi Kurdistan to document ‘The Other Iraq’ | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/water-crisis-in-sao-paulo/

    Despite the government’s promises to clean up the waterways in time for the games, Rio’s waters & beaches are still strongly contaminated. Brazil is also currently in the midst of an energy crisis. On experiencing the worst drought in the last 40 years, the country’s ability to generate hydroelectricity was hit hard. And as a result, some parts of the country have started rationing water, something Rio too may have to start doing as, with the Olympics, the power consumption will increase massively. | Water Crisis in Sao Paulo, ‪Brazil‬ | Sebastián Liste / NOOR‬.

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/where-love-is-illegal/

    Despite the great progress in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (“LGBTI”) rights in recent years, nearly 2.8 billion people live in countries where identifying as LGBTI is subject to rampant discrimination, criminalization, and even death. Robin Hammond visited seven countries to document stories of discrimination and survival from 65 people of 15 different nationalities. | Robin Hammond/ NOOR



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